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I don't know about you, but the most surreal thing for me to accept is infinity, not religion, nor science. You can't prove it, yet the thought of it will always be replaced by some other thoughts, and thus end the paradoxe of infinity.
It's hard to think of an end, except by putting an end to the thought in itself. The end and some incredulous infinite nothingness,are the same thing by definition. Take the equation 2+2=4, it is not a truth, but a logical truth, meaning that it is true by definition. Yet Georges Orwell's "2+2=5" provokes the thought, our trust towards a definition, a logic given/imposed to us by every educational institution.

My point is that something being true by definition is not the only answer to the paradoxe of nothingness... So what other answers could there be?

There, I have lost my train of thought
oh ..wait...
Irony at its best

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