society and its -isms

We are being brought up to live through the exact same fear. An entire generation is being lost in the hope that it will generate a new system for the generation above it. We are the inbetweeners.
I am going to university to learn about a system that is rotting down. That is rotting society and that will slowly decompose. I am living for something that is doomed. That we all now will be doomed. Everything will change. And me? I am just a bystander who is insignificant to history. It is a sad realization. Even more so, seeing that the responsible generation, in other words, the rulers of society, have no idea what to do about it. They are relying on time and other people to come up with some additional effort and brain cells.

I am a great follower. Just give me some good material and I will follow it, idealise it, and fight for it. This is how history has brought up its pathetic inhabitants. Today, there is this huge urge to make us feel like we have to produce the material, this by an entire generation of avid followers: great economists, politicians, intellectuals. The only innovators are the engineers in technology. Are they the new makers of tomorrow? Do they have the power to change society and erase society’s shameful memory stick?

Today the problem does not lie in human morals, tolerance. The bigger issue is to find a worldwide system that can supply each and everyone. There is an urge to change the financial system. This will inevitably trigger the political system. Capitalism has done but fuel the notions of materialism, consumerism, lazyness and passive agressivity through technology. Today we do not know what to do. Nobody does.

The world is in quest of the perfect modal of capitalism…
Is it though? Is it capitalism at all?

Finance is becoming sexy. Finance should be boring. There is a need for a new way of looking at the economy, a new way of dealing with the relationship between society and the economy. Instead of focussing on the -isms, one should maybe reconsider the values and needs of a society. Yet, the -ism part of it is crucial, as it provides a system, a bullet point structure for us humans. 

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